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IBN One Step Gel Shellac Color
Never stop the step of chasing beauty. We don't have much time, but we chase beauty. We heard your heart, and one step gel polish is just designed for you.
3 in 1, say goodbye to the base or top! Shellac style fashionable color! Get dazzlingly beautiful nails with one step gel polish. Only 5 minutes, you will have a perfect nails!
Volume: 10ml
Color: 35 popular colors in stock, more colors coming soon! Customized colors available!
Feature: Long-lasting, perfect manicure and pedicure. Saturated and bright colors with excellent shine. Lasting up to 3 weeks! Does not require base or top layer, no need to wipe with cleanser.

Application Instruction:
Step 1. Clean nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.
Step 2. Apply color coat directly, cure with UV nail lamp for 2 minutes, LED nail lamp for 60 seconds, if necessary, please apply the 2nd layer and cured it again.

Removes in minutes!
1. File the top coat.
2. Soak cotton pad with gel polish remover, then cover it with tinfoil.
3. Leaves on 8-10 minutes.
4. Take off the finfoil and push away the gel."

Please feel free to inquiry for free sample to you for testing    TELEPHONE:+86 20 82579673   SKYPE: icebeautynail


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